Since its inception, the CRYSTAL JADE® brand has been delighting diners spanning generations with authentic Chinese cuisine. Our focus to continuously improve our culinary expertise and unwavering commitment to quality became our blueprint for success. In order to satisfy the clamouring of palates internationally, the brand began expansion via franchising. To date, we serve customers through our network of restaurants in 30 major cities.

To maximise the opportunity for success, we have endeavoured to provide every franchisee with resources for chef training, robust operational support, continuous menu upgrades, accessibility to innovation and a proven business model. With a dedicated team to support you on-site and online, you will have the resources and confidence to build your business and develop the brand.

Support by the franchisor is a key catalyst to the success of franchisees. With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive support system to enable our franchisees to represent our brand. A wide range of resources is readily available and the support system is fine-tuned consistently to adapt to current trends and pre-empt macro conditions.

Pre-Opening Support

  • Staff Training (detailed training of chefs and FOH members of staff, refresher training before opening)
  • Recruitment (share network of potential members of staff, facilitate hiring process)
  • Site Selection (Comprehensive site analysis, potential build-out options to optimize operations, advice on construction)
  • Restaurant Build-Out (regular consultations, pre-opening store audit)
  • Procurement (expertise to assess food supplies, finalize equipment list, FOH furniture and smallware)
  • Marketing (local store marketing strategies to maximise visibility of restaurant)

Opening Support

  • Assistance in FOH & BOH (In addition to your dedicated manager, we will send our best available chefs and operations personnel to smooth out your restaurant opening)
  • Analysis for Revenue Optimisation (Our manager will recommend needed changes to increase your revenue)
  • Planning (Our team will hold consultative sessions with your members of staff to plan for upscaling)

Ongoing Support

  • Library of resources (We have produced training videos and organize periodic training calls. Additional operations manuals are available on request)
  • Dedicated Franchise Manager (For all your requests for support, you simply need to contact a point person)
  • Marketing Support (We share our local marketing calendar so that you don’t feel like you are running into a brick wall trying to think of new promotions)
  • Menu Upgrades (We are always improving our recipes or refreshing our menu, so as a franchisee, you benefit from our menu upgrades without doing the work)

Starting your own business can be daunting without an experienced team managing the front of house and back of house and you have to incur massive marketing costs for branding. Be a part of our Crystal Jade family and you instantly gain access to a brand with the following attributes.   

  • More than 30 years of superb Chinese culinary expertise and commitment to quality management.
  • Traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine culminating in extensive signature menus; our dishes range from places like Beijing, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Lanzhou, Hong Kong and other parts of China.
  • A comprehensive support system that caters to more than 100 restaurants across 30 major cities; each franchisee is assigned to a dedicated manager to streamline communications and increase efficiency.
  • We offer multiple dining concepts so that you can install the right concept in the appropriate location, this gives you more flexibility and leverage in selecting locations.
  • International brand recognition with a list of culinary awards and commendations (the ones shown below are some of our accolades).

We seek partners who can turbocharge the development of the Crystal Jade brand in their territories and identify the following as requisites of success.  

  • Potential franchisees should be armed with a comprehensive understanding of local culture, infrastructure, and the know-how to do business in the territory of interest.
  • Candidates with previous restaurant experience are preferred since our partners have the mandate to provide an exceptional and unique dining experience that the Crystal Jade brand is renowned for.
  • A keen understanding of our multiple concepts so that the Crystal Jade brand is as accessible as possible to customers in your territory.
  • A growth-driven mindset with the vision to enable Crystal Jade to be the number 1 Chinese dining option.

Follow these steps to becoming a franchisee:


If you are interested in pursuing Crystal Jade’s franchise opportunities and meet our initial qualifications, please complete the application form and our Franchise team will be in touch with you shortly.


Our franchise team will conduct a walk-through on the necessary steps to becoming a franchisee with you. From here onwards, you will have a dedicated Franchise Manager to assist you every step of the way. 


If you have fulfilled our requisites, both parties will sign an agreement and you and your team will start training and preparing for the opening of your first restaurant!


Q: What are the concepts available under Crystal Jade?
A: At present, the group’s portfolio of specialty dining concepts ranges from fine dining to casual dining, quick service restaurants and kiosk. We hold consultative sessions with our partners to determine the most appropriate concept for each location.  

Q: What is the minimum number of restaurants required to be developed in a given market?
A: The minimum number of restaurants required for development depends on a variety of factors (e.g. size of territory, timeframe, etc) and can be discussed during initial communications.

Q: What is the expected investment cost for a Crystal Jade restaurant?
A: Investment costs are influenced by many factors, not limited but including size of the site, design features, cost of local materials & construction, permits, etc. Typical costs for restaurants in your region will be discussed during initial communications.

Q: What should I expect to pay for Franchising fees and advertising?
A: You will be expected to pay a one-time upfront fee, a development fee for each restaurant and a monthly royalty (as a % of gross sales). These costs may vary based on your area of interest and can be discussed during initial communications.

Q: How soon can I open my first Crystal Jade restaurant?
A: This depends on a variety of factors, such as your experience, speed of recruitment and audit of food supplies. Typically, it takes between 6 – 9 months to open Crystal Jade in a new market once a development agreement has been signed.

For more information or questions regarding the Crystal Jade franchising process, or to begin the application process, please contact

The application form is not to be construed as an offer of a franchise, a commitment, or a binding agreement on either party. Crystal Jade and its subsidiaries reserve the right to make any modification.

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